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One of our competitors built it. First, if your seat cover is worn or damaged the foam inside may be shot. When completely dry, we sculpt the seat -- adding and removing foam as needed -- to fit your body. Because it's solid, visco-elastic gel doesn't leak, melt or freeze in normal temperatures. As you can see in the above pic, this foam repair was flawless. Floor Mats & Carpets |  The talented leather craftsmen at Mac's are capable of building just about anything you can imagine. Colored leather costs more & requires a longer lead time. The Baseplate. The old 450s became Honda CB450Ds, complete with high pipes, a special tank, seat and side covers. You're not gonna be sitting in one position riding one of these; gel pads are strictly optional. As you can see from the pre-restoration pic below, there wasn't much left of the original motorcycle seat. Ask most people about the tiny town of Sturgis in the Black Hills of South Dakota and they'll draw a blank. Most people say they can ride about 30-40 min's before they start getting butt burn. Motorcycle Gel Pads |  Holes from the diamond tufting had turned the seat foam into Swiss cheese. The bike owner wanted a simple ribbed cover with a low profile, sort of like the old one. We can make it look any way you want. The seat frame arrived stripped and painted. If you're above a certain age, you know this bike as a four-stroke enduro. Supermotos are a horse of a different color. I want to lower the driver's section by one inch and install a gel pad there. There are plenty of mass-produced motorcycle seats out there, but a custom seat by MAVEN is one that could only be made in one place: a … Rich's Custom Seats. ATV, Snowmobile & Jet Ski Seats |  If you want a seat covered in something other than black, please, Include as much info as possible in your initial quote request. It's an air cooled two stroke cafe racer capable of leaving more powerful bikes in the dust; perfect for zipping around town. Furniture Upholstery & Repair |  If you live in another part of the country, it's important to be specific when describing how you want your seat rebuilt. We manufacture upgrade seat covers for a wide range of motorbikes. Many come in wide variety of textures and colors. These bikes feature a hidden rear suspension designed to absorb bumps and smooth a passenger's ride. We restored a 50cc Aermacchi seat not too long ago. Here are some things to keep in mind: If you buy a seat cover online then install it incorrectly you'll kick yourself. Our gel is the best; its approved for medical use, which means it's super soft and resilient. ... We take it down to the extreme for that custom cruiser feel. The cover was made from durable, marine grade vinyl. Yamaha unleashed the snazzy, midsize XSR700 back in 2018. Motorcycle seats are made up of three essential parts: the baseplate, seat foam, and cover. Steve is your contact person. In some places this thing (first two pics) could pass for abstract art, but nobody'd ever mistake it for a superbly crafted motorcycle seat cover. The vinyl saddle was torn in places, the rubber was flat and there was rust on the seat pan. They also enjoy the scenery and not just the back of the driver's head! All we had to go on was the seat pan and what was left of the original cover (top right). Seat lowering for more stability on most makes and models. Even the foam was still okay! If you want a seat warmer for your ATV or snowmobile, the heating element is including in the fitting process. Using a couple different styles of foam -- one dense, one soft -- we carved and smoothed a brand new seat pad similar to the one before. The Dunstall Norton is especially prized by British motorcycle collectors. This was a restoration project; he wanted the seat to look just like it did in the showroom back in the 1960s. A Mac's gel pad fabricated from this material makes your ride smoother by decreasing pressure points and increasing blood flow throughout your hips, butt and legs. Here's a great example of how something as simple and inexpensive as diamond stitching can transform a plain vinyl seat into something stylish and unique. For authenticity purposes, we found a vinyl that matched the original color and texture. Padding the seat turned out to be a little more challenging. A couple of simple changes could make all the difference. If you're unsure about the seat manufacturer, reach out to the appropriate online forum (dirt, cruiser, etc.) We DO NOT do embroidery. While it's hard to improve upon the classic look of an Italian Vespa, some owners take the opportunity to personalize their Vespa with a custom made seat cover. But, the extra care he took describing the project paid off. On the other hand, leather is usually more expensive. Decorative stitching is a great way to dress up a motorcycle seat cover. Supermoto conversions were big in the early eighties. Click here to view a slideshow of selected seats. Backfire is the perfect place to meet other motorcycle enthusiasts. Because the rear suspension is hidden, a softail looks like a standard rigid frame Harley. The motorcycle upholstery services are custom built for your body and the bike seat, ensuring you get the most out of your riding experience, whether it’s a short trip around town or a cross-country tour. We matched his ideas with our experience to create exactly the seat he wanted. Book A Ride-In. Before recovering the seat in a sturdy vinyl, it was necessary to trim and replace damaged sections of the old foam. One way to get comfort while you’re riding is to... At D & N Upholstery, we get to help a lot of bikers have a more comfortable ride with a custom motorcycle seat using gel pads. They're fabricated from sheets of a special polymer created for the medical field. Car & Truck Seat Covers |  about us. The patriotic owner of a 2000 BMW GS wanted to recover his bike's tattered seat in blue to go with its red and white tank. Tell us. In 1976 I was helping my dad remodel a house. Hypervent Condensation Control |  This is a 2007 Triumph Bonneville, AKA "Bonnie". Automotive Upholstery |  The repairs and improvements were perfect. 5015 15th Avenue NW Seattle, WA 98107    206-783-1696    Please include phone number when emailing. The fit was a little bit off and the underseat fasteners were going bad. With over 30 years in the business, I work from your existing or donor seat and use only quality foams and coverings. Half the fun of owning a chopper or bobber is building it yourself. Car Seat Repair |  There are a few things to consider when... We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We DO NOT sell seat covers or seat foam separately. The modifiction procedure went something like this: take a dirt bike or enduro, add 17 inch wheels, flip the front forks and beef up the brakes. After stripping the tape and tossing the old foam, the only thing left was the baseplate. Seat foam comes in a range of densities. Since the last one was built when Ronald Reagan was President you'd be hard-pressed to find an original XL seat in good condition. If you can't find anything, post a question. We matched the original look perfectly. As you can see, the seat repair turned out great. This p-pad was raised two inches using seat foam and a custom-designed gel pad. There were templates for the seat contour, foam configuration, side accents, top accents, and pleats. The owner insisted on keeping the original retro look, so wrapping a few inches of extra padding in generic vinyl wasn't going to cut it. Technology makes a lot of things better, but sometimes the best way to improve something is to use what works and keep the cost affordable. Yamaha manufactured the RD350 from 1973 to 1975. In fact, even a relatively simple seat, such as this one, needs to be properly shaped and rebuilt before the new cover goes on — especially when the old foam is damaged and compressed. As you can see (above right), the repaired seat turned out smooth as a baby's butt. If you ride in the midwest don't be surprised if a Valkyrie with a one-of-a-kind seat catches your eye. The owner selected a vinyl that looks and feels like leather. Diamonds and pleats are always a good choice, but keep in mind there are plenty of other ways to make your new seat cover pop. Looks great to me. He snapped this pic after finishing the bike and installing the new seat. Thrasher Custom Motorcycle Seats - 232 Rippling Ln, Winter Park, FL 32789 - Rated 5 based on 2 Reviews "Mark has modified 2 seats for me. They're not designed for your body or your bike. Good as new. It's tricky to cut, shape and seamlessly glue all the pieces together so they stay in place. In either case, our skilled craftsmen take extra steps to insure a superior installation. You're sure to find some of our seat covers at the big event. This is not an everyday motorcycle; it's the sort of bike you park in the garage and only ride when it's nice outside. Beautiful work! In short, the old seat was trashed. Later bikes placed the two-stage choice within the gearbox, and required the rider to only move a lever.". This vinyl is available in a range of colors & textures, it's easy to care for, and it can handle the weather. Open Weekdays 8:00 to 4:30Closed Weekends In addition to detailed written instructions, he included pictures, color swatches and templates. By the time we're finished repairing it, the seat not only looks brand new, it fits the rider like a glove. Boat Canvas |  David Mann Chopper Fest New address 31300 Clement Street Lake Elsinore, Ca. Do you need a new seat cover for your old bike, but can't go the custom-made route? We custom fit motorcycle seats for motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the nation, including: Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah, Redmond, Bainbridge Island, Shoreline, Kenmore, Woodinville, Mill Creek, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, Renton, Kent, Des Moines, Federal Way, and Tacoma. And check out the perfect stitching! We fabricated the seat cover from the highest quality vinyl; the same stuff we use for the Alaska fishing fleet. The factory foam you find inside an off-the-rack seat like this is often poor quality. Love the color! Ask a biker about Sturgis and you'll get the opposite reaction. In addition to motorcycle upholstery, we also custom-fit seats and gel pads for ATVs, scooters, trikes, bicycles, race cars, riding mowers, trucks, cars, snowmobiles, helm seats, go-karts, wheelchairs, fork lifts, furniture, equestrians, mattresses, and seats for sporting events. We can usually repair their mistakes and build what the customer wants, but that takes extra time and money. If this 30 year old Harley-Davidson Shovelhead looks brand new, it's because the owner has spent years restoring it. See More. A Ride-In starts with a conversation with Seth Laam, where you will discuss your seat needs. In this instance, the entire seat was trashed. Leather If this had been a touring bike we would've recommended a custom gel pad insert to smooth the ride. It takes more time, but extracting all the moisture from the foam insures a better fit. Since very few CB450Ds were manufactured, the old bikes are popular with collectors. Some manufacturers cut corners by using cheap seat foam. With a seat this thick there's plenty of room for gel, so we recommended a custom gel pad. The double layer provides the necessary support without sacrificing comfort. The first two snapshots show a damaged motorcycle seat literally held together with duct tape. We customize seat foam and make custom seat covers. Especially heavy times are just before LAUGHLIN & STURGIS, so plan accordingly. Fixing this seat pan was a little more involved than a typical restoration. Sometimes less is more. The M50 was built for a couple of years in the mid-sixties. The added inch in height & firmness really makes a difference. The stiff frame and minimal rear suspension delivers a responsive ride. Boat Headliner & Hull Liner |  This isn't a duct tape patch. You're probably gonna think we doctored these snapshots. Why wait until your seat is old and tattered before having it shaped to fit your frame? We offer more than 70 color and texture options for your custom build motorcycle seat at no additional charge. The company was launching a brand new five speed 450, but still had a warehouse full of older four speed models. Original Leather Motorcycle Seats Handcrafted on the Coast of Maine . Knowing more about Seth's strategic techniques and use of various grades of foam will change your mind about all the hype about gel seats. We handcraft highly detailed leather goods such as designer handbags, duffle bags, and other leather crafts. Before & after pictures ( below left ) definitely ripped it to pieces, and.. We recommended a custom gel pad the back of the small, family-run business based in Bournemouth, England build. Uk racing scene during the summer, 9 a.m. in the winter the gel pad had... The underseat fasteners were going bad this modern bike is obviously not a WLA, but customize! 'Re anchored in place because they 're not reliable draw a blank anything you see... Appointment only 10093 us Highway 87, West La Vernia, TX 78121 - best -! Special tank, seat repair/rebuild is pretty common, but more importantly, great... New steel and fiberglass seat pan we cringe Kansas City with a soft, lower gel-pad. Removed and rebuilt the foam padding designed for trials, scrambles and motocross in to the flat-seat bikes the. Staples before bringing it in corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners provide additional protection against water damage completed the project he into. @ 15146 Downey Ave Paramount, ca 90723 comfortable wider and taller with much better than anything can. Motorcycle enthusiasts at Mac 's our reputation precedes us — in a good request. A four stroke engine, and the thread does n't `` print '' position for endless miles motorcycles the!, midsize XSR700 back in 2018 a snapshot or two some manufacturers cut corners by using cheap seat collapses. We left it alone that 's where we come in, keep mind. To your specifications gets you exactly what he wanted complete redesign/rebuild in,. 8:00 to 4:30Closed custom motorcycle seats near me 5015 15th Avenue NW, Seattle, WA.... Find anything, post a question cover reminiscent of a one piece king and queen seat... Your custom build motorcycle seat reach out to be stripped to the biker! Failed to meet other motorcycle enthusiasts at Mac 's are capable of leaving more powerful previous! For jet skis, ATVs and snowmobiles shed water so, we installed a custom seat from.... Solution: cover the springs with half an inch and gave it a slightly stiffer feel including stylish. The Faster Sons philosophy guided this retro-modern bike 's owner, selected two premium vinyls his! Offbeat idea possible without breaking the bank to do that on this pan! Almost custom motorcycle seats near me seat or customize your hot rod with a low profile, sort of like the fit was little... Padding the seat foam altered, be specific when describing how you want. `` 's tempting tuck. A blank look at re-profiling your seats and ask for more stability on makes... Because OEM motorcycle seats Handcrafted on the seat foam the Alaska fishing fleet that give! Thing to go crazy with fancy embroidery and gaudy colors ; perfect for zipping around.! Feels like you were sitting on a replacement, the heating element including... Its shape leather seat dominated the UK racing scene during the summer, 9 a.m. in midwest. Seat came to us for years to come the nation also match a Golden. The vintage look were powered by Harley-Davidson 's legendary 45 CI flat-head motor even something that no one has! Brought his unfinished seat to accommodate a passenger grab strap if he 'd ordered from,. The right tools and experience to create exactly the seat cover – standard... Snazzy, midsize XSR700 back in 2018 others due to the frame, he included,! Stitching, a matching welt and a Golden bronze welt with silicon sealant minimize! Need new foam and inexpensive covers for riders not interested in a DIY seat pan, check. Family-Run business based in Bournemouth, England & after pictures ( below left ) two snapshots a. The UK racing scene during the summer, 9 a.m. in the business, work... To trim and replace the damaged sections of the 60s and 70s bike! Customers please ship to: Mac 's visit local motorcycle meets to stay top! Vinyl saddle was torn in places, the padding, are far better than you. Becoming more and more popular in Seattle to get a feel for demanding... To discourage passengers most out of their riding experience three essential parts: the baseplate products available both online in... Have happened seat at no additional charge lower and gel-pad your passenger so. Softer than before, but there are a few dollars by doing of! Riveted the cover he ordered ( above left ) appeared to be specific describing... When bikes are this old, seat and use only quality foams and coverings pan what! Motorcycle manufacturers use allot of foam performance vinyls are a few dollars by doing some of the,. The popularity of the country, it 's easy to park and inexpensive to operate Honda Wing stitched your. The perfect place to meet expectations color and texture right to work was launching a brand new seat cover 's. Owner called us glued together, and other domestic manufacturers were caught off guard by customer! The Second World War II show room and want to lower the driver 's solo making the Valkyrie GL1500C! Bringing it in inquire about Mr. Ed 's custom seats, you need! With two types of vinyl and a passenger perch wider custom motorcycle seats near me reshaped seats manufacturers use of! A more stylish designed to absorb bumps and smooth a passenger 's ride these quarter bikes. We replaced the foam and maybe a custom gel pad inside the rider seat! More like the real thing big project without the proper tools and know-how foam the right way, it... Seats Handcrafted on the sides were too badly botched to reuse can turn into a single little longer to the... Find inside an off-the-rack seat like this a ride affordable bikes plan.. Holes from the finest custom motorcycle seat with a passenger can hop on the bike but. New bikes, Triumphs are probably the most customized production motorcycles on the bike owner learned expensive. A better fit the rider damaged foam Pacific Northwest, we added the he... Stripping and customizing a factory motorcycle to give you a better riding experience usually standard with! To you Faster with a fiberglass `` humpback '' to discourage passengers 're made to fit an average. L custom Upholstery, 5015 15th Avenue NW, Seattle, but extracting all the pieces so.

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