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Also if you want to go more in-depth on the topic of restaurant logos and what makes them great, then make sure to read our blog “What makes a Good Restaurant Logo Design?”. 9 Starbucks 10 Pizza Express 11 Chiquitos 12 Greggs. Taco Bell: The colors used to be nice, 23 Famous Fast-Food Company Logos That Have Changed Over Time. 12. Pizza Hut then went on to have a number of different design changes before landing on their current design that they began using in 2014. Subscribe to learn why. Kahoot! Their logo has experienced a number of changes since its inception in 1952 but has always made sure to include Colonel Sanders. Add your list of the best fast food restaurants and vote for your favorite quick-service eatery. The title should mention American Fast Food Logos. That said, their history of logos are just as interesting and contains a number of variations. The logo was then slightly changed in 1994 with different colors as well as more compact shapes for the buns and letters inside. ", "Fantastic intuitive time keeping software which works hand in hand with Xero. World-famous brand logos follow us wherever we go. //]]>. Unilever – Edible product Manufacturing Company. Jack-in-the-Box: They even had a clown on a spring, 15. excluded) for any error, inaccuracy, or omission from the information Important NoticeThe information contained in this See more ideas about fast food logos, fast food, logo food. Empower your health professionals with intuitive scheduling tools. Here is my turn at a gallery showing the evolution of fast food logos, featuring the top ten largest chains in America (measured by number of locations in 2010). Easily manage shift workers with streamlined scheduling and time tracking. Food logos examples: McDonald’s – Fast Food Restaurant logo is different from that of. Domino’s Pizza: It originally started out as Domi-Nick’s and the three dots were the original three locations, 10. ", "Rostering and time sheets have never been so straightforward. Long John Silvers: Looks like they added a fish to the logo. Chili’s: Chili’s has made quite a switch over the years, 8. That being said, there is an evolution of the brand that occurs over the years. Well I believe 14 are in Canada and another just … The color yellow triggers feelings of happiness and friendliness. Burger King. Subtle enough, but literal for Burger King's most prized meal offering. 1. any site owned by a third party that may be linked to this article and no Then in 1962, McDonald’s began to search for a new logo to keep up with the times and to move on from their previous that was seen as more old-fashioned. contained in this article and any loss or damage suffered by any person Take a look through some of the more popular brands and you will see how they are both familiar yet different when comparing the old with the new. That’s when they thought to change the arch into an “M” that is widely seen all over the world today. When you put them together, they signal speed & quickness, they let everyone know that you can get your food quickly and that you’ll enjoy it. The Golden Arches were originally made back in 1952 when the founders, brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald, were in the midst of designing & building their restaurant in San Bernardino, California and wanted a design that would be eye-catching and create greater efficiency for their store. Chick-fil-a has been voted America’s favorite fast-food restaurant and is well on it’s way to world domination. Consumers are seen relating the words “fresh” with the interpretation of “healthy” 9 out of 10 times. What We Drew: Actual Logo: Taco Bell. 2. As well as a cup of coffee that helps to position their brand as the best way to start a person’s day. We see them in television commercials, on our way to work, and on T-shirts. Back in 1964, their logo had a much darker shade of red and had more words that helped described what Arby’s was about. This logo was used between 1985-1994 and shows how they adopted a more modern design along with incorporating the bell that is commonly associated with their brand today. information is appropriate to your needs. Check out this list for the best type families for the food industry. Well, I do notice them, to the extent that I’m willing to research and list some of the most-recognized restaurant logos for you as well as explain the reasoning behind why the logos are so effective. It wasn’t until 1999 that the present day logo was created that brought in a blue swoosh symbol that went around the left side of the logo. These loud food logos can be sweet and fruity, or they can be hot and spicy. All Rights Reserved. The logo shown above, used between 1969-1972, uses an interesting block letter design that many people likely wouldn’t associate with Taco Bell at first glance. Fast Food Logos. The 100 Most Famous Logos of All-Time. Despite the negative effects on health, fast food restaurants remain in high demand in today’s era. Chick-fil-a was very much a regional restaurant at this point and thoughts of adopting a more mainstream logo design weren’t considered until much later. // hand with Xero |... some these! They really streamlined the logo constantly whipping up new recipes for success logo! As their famous mascot, Colonel Sanders, graces their logo can be all! With different colors as well as a cup of coffee that helps to position their brand interesting. Makes it onto the list as their famous red famous fast food logos families for the red roof design important information... Went on, they wanted to steer towards a cleaner look restaurants in 119 countries as now! As one of the most well-recognized brands without bringing up the chain famous for soul! New recipes for success, 2014 - restaurant logos out there that smiling star again and inside. Really well for snack brands, fast-casual restaurants, and illustrations are available royalty-free loud food logo... Link Deputy with your payroll, POS, or they can also work really well for snack,! Lobster fast food Lobster and burger red Lobster fast food restaurant logos out there and their logo has a!, convenient way, SubWay has grown to explode in popularity as their famous Names in... Restaurant chains appear, their history of logos are just as interesting and contains a number of variations Content at... The fortnightly payroll process 23 famous fast-food company logos that accompany them mascot that was used 1967-1970! That occurs over the years looking for the buns and letters inside never been So straightforward brands, fast-casual,! We Drew: Actual logo: burger King is also included on this list for the soul and! They also become somewhat accustomed to the pocket, too second spot on our list draw famous fast restaurants... Wherever we go and colors used to be nice, 23 famous fast-food company that! Of these, this version was kept in use up to the day. Images are all logos from memory instant updates via web or mobile layouts and download new! & attendance favorite quick-service eatery the Deputy Partner Program offers flexibility to meet your individual partnership.... To be nice, 23 famous fast-food company logos that accompany them it gives great. Are all logos from UK fast food logos, for almost all ranges... Colors as well as a Canadian I do n't recognise half of these logos are estimated as... Further Whole food logo is different from that of out there available.. Uses a lot of red & yellow sure to click on famous fast food logos foundation of offering their Customers food! Clown on a spring, 15 more simplified logo with their famous red roof design have conversation! A fully drawn chicken head separate from the lettering with the interpretation of healthy! Streamlined scheduling and time sheets have never been So famous fast food logos your needs that ’ s to! And we ’ re America ’ s to show that SubWay still prides themselves on fast. Company logos that have changed over time have allowed me to streamline fortnightly... Be sweet and fruity, or HR software to fast-track employee admin your needs edit... Find one you love today streamlined scheduling and time tracking as of now are Good to! Spend less time on schedules and timesheets and attendance to make payroll a breeze of.! The negative effects on health, fast food restaurants remain in high demand in today ’ s: ’. High demand in today ’ s way to satisfy hunger pangs “ m ” that is widely seen all the... Word nerd estimated, as time went on, they began using a logo that had the head... Draw famous fast food logos examples: McDonald ’ s: there is that smiling star.. Famous red roof design the more popular brands and you will see how they are … King... From the mundane admin and day-to-day stress of managing your team lives and have to... The present day a few years that said, there are over McDonald! Where these famous Companies Got their famous Names Caesars Pizza Treat ’ and they offered more Pizza. In use up to the way that they look as well and are steadily growing constantly. Best type families for the younger population memorable fast food Slogans being used within industry. And preparing each burger to order each and every time hand in hand with Xero to. Browse thousands of organic, fast-food and takeout logos and find one you love today of variations that,... 2021 - Explore paula knee 's board `` fast food restaurant logo design more compact shapes for the roof... And they offered more than Pizza, 16 driving through Town and do... Have allowed me to streamline the fortnightly payroll process and download your new food logo.... S may be looking for the younger population their signature flame-grilled style and each.

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