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The only suggestion we have is to book your flight and/or pay for the bags with a credit card that will give you additional bags, or reimburse you for “travel expenses” of which, baggage fees are included in. So if your backpack adheres to this size, then you could put your purse inside your backpack. Maybe you could try posting/direct message on their social media sites to get an answer on the max allowance for excess baggage? Hi Peter, we can’t comment on the policies of these airlines and advise you contact them directly to query this. We have not booked our tickets, so i wonder if that number would come up once we can use the calculator for our actual reservation? For a full list of what items you can and cannot bring, I recommend using the TSA website. My wife and I am permanently moving from US to India. So will I be charged extra for the ‘Check-in’ bag or will it be checked in free as I do not have any ‘Carry-on’ bag? I am flying to Newark from west palm, Florida. What’s the latest I can check in my bag prior to the flight ? Will I have any issues when I check in with so much luggage? Generally, when flying economy class within North America and buying checked bags online at least 24 hours before departure, you’ll pay $30 for your first bag and $40 for your second bag. If you wanted to add a 2nd bag, the fee would be 100 CAD. Do we have to pay baggage fees? You’ll probably end up with some hefty fees with that number of bags and, you run the risk that they won’t let you check them all. If 1 person brought a checked bag, and another person brought a checked bag, would that be free or would it be counted together for $100? Can I take it as a carry-on? Am I allowed to carry a 42” tv as an extra checked bag. Hi, I have a Casio keyboard CTK-573, 36″ ×15″. Disclaimer: Upgraded Points, LLC and its website, UpgradedPoints.com, provides information on credit cards, reward programs, travel information and ancillary information concerning travel and credit cards. My apologies – I stand corrected. If you’re flying from the U.S. t is unlikely you will be given any free bags since it’s not a transpacific or transatlantic flight. I almost never fly United Airlines, and a recent redye in basic economy in the last row of a 737 Next Generation reminded me why. Hi there, Do you know what’s the baggage policy for check-in baggage especially when someone is flying to India? If the entire through trip from Edinburgh to Cincinnati was booked as one ticket with a simple stopover, you should not have to pay for your bags on the Neward-Cinci route as the allowance should apply per entire ticketed route, not per leg. Is this flight considered a Trans-Atlantic flight, which means a personal item AND a carry-on bag allowed? Skating equipment carried in addition to the baggage allowance will be assessed at the current excess baggage charge. You will then have to pay if you would like to check any additional bags into the hold. My apologies for the confusion! As long as an item is large enough to have a bag tag attached, it is able to be checked. The information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial, tax or legal advice. You would be charged $200 for the checked piece plus a $25 handling fee if you wait until the gate to see if your bag is accepted. Thanks for reading. If I buy economy tickets and not basic economy, does united require me to check my bag? Many of the credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which we receive financial compensation. I want to get reimbursed against the receipt from my work. Indicates an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). If this bag was overweight (51.0 to 70.0lbs) then you would be an additional $200 in excess fees. My wife and I are flying from Edinburgh to Cincinnati via Newark on 19th March on a Basic Economy ticket with one booked suitcase. You might find these links useful, too: Keep in mind there are special policies if you’re traveling with the following: Copyright © 2020 United Airlines, Inc.All rights reserved. Maybe there are some other readers out there that have some experience with this on United? All checked bags must adhere to a max weight of 50 pound (23 kg) for all Economy and Premium Plus fares and 70 pound (32 kg) for Business and First Class fares; must adhere to max linear dimensions of 62 inches/158 cm. We will be paying 60$ for one case. Thanks. You would also have your oversized fee on top of this. Basic economy tickets with United do not include carry-on baggage. For all other Basic Economy tickets on United that are flown within the western hemisphere, the checked baggage policy is the same for both Basic Economy and standard Economy. Can my free bag be 70 lb and my companions free bag be 50 lb? Economy passengers to Europe and other long-haul destinations receive 1 checked bag for free. Or the $25 plus $30 check in fee? Leaving CPH on the 8th April 2019, and leaving NYC on the 13th April 2019. This means you will not be allowed a free carry-on for domestic flights with a Basic Economy ticket. I had booked a return home flight home to NZ through Air NZ and was booked on a United flight to LAX to meet up with Air NZ, worst airline i have ever had to deal with. To do this, log in to your booking from the ‘Check-in’ tab on the United Airlines website or via the United Airlines app. How much am I required to pay for my extra bag of 23kg or may be 32kg as the case may be? ), Hello Christelle and thanks for the question. I will also have a carry-on. According to United’s baggage policy, overweight bags are charged at $100 and then you would have had the actual cost of the checked piece at $30. Skating equipment is subject to applicable overweight and oversize excess baggage charges.”. All checked bags must adhere to 62 linear inches (157cm) and 50 lbs (23 kg) per bag. Can I use United miles to book for additional checked bags? If you wait until the gate to do this then would be charged the checked bag fee plus a $25 handling fee. It seems to imply that everyone on the itinerary gets one free bag of 70 lb but it also says service charges will vary by traveler depending on status. Full Disclosure: We may receive financial compensation when you click on links and are approved for credit card products from our advertising partners. As a United Silver Premier member, does my free baggage allowance apply if I fly Air Canada? Dependents of active U.S. military personnel will have the same exemptions as the military service member whose status provides the benefit, as long as they are traveling on the same reservation. For travel to and from select international markets, Premier Gold members can check three complimentary bags at 70 pounds each. 1 more free checked bag for the whole/part of the trip? Customize every step of your trip from booking options, airport lounges, inflight services and options to transport on arrival when you fly United. My carry on suitcase complies with measurements of all carriers except United (its 40 cm wide where it should be 35). Hi, I’m flying to Telaviv with my wife, a 2 year old baby, and newborn on Economy Plus. Hi, I am travelling from Minneapolis to India via Newark..My itinerary says 1 checked bag, 1 carry on bag and 1 personal item is free..I want to know if there are any weight restrictions on carry on bag and personal item or just the size that matters? My mother-in-law will travel from LAX to San Pedro Sula, Honduras on a basic economy. Hi Anthony, thanks for sharing this with us – sorry to hear about your experience with these airlines. I will be using United airlines and Brussels airlines. Thank you! Hi there, you can find more information related to United Airlines Musical Instrument policy here: https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/baggage/fragile.html#Musicalinstruments. Thanks, Patti. The first bag costs $30, the second $40, and any subsequent bags cost $150. But I can’t seem to find a total number of excess bags that’s allowed per ticket, it just says the cost would be $200 per bag for 3+. You will not be required to check a bag for purchasing an economy ticket. Good afternoon. Please how much do I pay and what are we entitled to check in? The carry-on must adhere to the 22″ x 14″ x 9″ measurements; United does not list a weight limit on their website for carry-on bags. Hi. For more information on our advertisers, see here. For both fare types you would need to purchase checked luggage as this is not included. For checked luggage, United states: “Our checked bag policy and allowance applies to children with purchased tickets, including infants traveling internationally on 10 percent of an adult fare.”. You can find their baggage calculator tool here: https://www.aircanada.com/us/en/aco/home/plan/baggage/checked.html. That was that - she's been gallivanting around the globe ever since (26 countries & counting)! We suggest calling United’s Customer Service line at 1-800-864-8331. Could you please confirm if I can have a standard carry-on bag as well as a personal item. 3. Just make sure you pay for the ticket with your United Airlines credit card in order to take advantage of your free bags, priority boarding, and other credit card benefits. I would like to know how to find out about baggage allowed on flights from London to Ecuador. Additionally, in reference to asking if it matters where you booked your ticket, Air Canada does state: “If your itinerary includes travel with one of our codeshare partners or with another airline, it’s important to know that the baggage policies of the other carrier may apply.”. Hi, I have a basic economy flight booked on United to Fort Myers, FL for later this week. As per the ticket when reserved during the last week of February 25th, 2019, the ticket states that 2 checked in baggage are complimentary. Do active duty military get a free carry on bag with a basic economy ticket? The content featured on UpgradedPoints.com has not been provided by the credit card companies mentioned. Kind regards Lillian, Hi Lillian, per United’s Baggage FAQ page “When checking in at united.com, you can input your credit card information to cover your checked bag service charges. Thank you. If I buy an economy ticket, can I bring my carry-on item only and not pay for a checked bag? I also called United only to be told the wait time would be 30 minutes, then finally spoke to someone who was only domestic airline reservations and had no clue, and they put me in a longer queue to speak to someone in international reservations – very frustrating! (So, I will have 2 big pieces of luggage and one carry on) How much is the second big luggage? Hi I m flying BCN to San Francisco on a Lufthansa flight operated (leg Frankfurt SF) by United. This leads us to believe you can only pre-pay for your luggage from the time of check-in, which opens 24 hours prior to the flight. So the baggage calculator would be correct that all of your travel companions would be permitted 1 x 70lb bag. I bought a Basic Economy ticket from Michigan to Maui,HI. Yes, you can bring liquids in your checked bag. It is not tied to purchasing a ticket under your name. (note, scandanavian airlines who will actually be the one flying us there has a limit of 9 on their website and of course cheaper, but alas, we’ll be flying with miles so I imagine that puts us as United Economy. Or am I forced to do a second checked bag (which is ridiculous as a small bag weighing 12lb is not the same as a checked bag of 60lb, but i don’t make the rules)! Re: United economy baggage allowance. In addition, as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. If dependents are traveling on their own for personal reasons, they’re subject to the normal baggage allowance &  fees based on the purchased ticket type. If I am allowed for one luggage for free how it will cost me to check in second one. Also can we check in both stroller and carseat or it’s either of the two? To see more airline baggage fees and policies, click here. This is my first time traveling with your airline and I’m a little confused, especially with the carry on. Charges for overweight baggage depends on your route and generally are $100 – $200 for bags weighing 51-70lb and $200 – $400 for bags weighing 71-100lb. You are allowed up to two carry-on bags on your United flight: a … Hope this information helps. If you purchase a standard Economy ticket (not Economy Basic) then you would be able to bring 1 piece of standard carry-on and 1 small personal item. Traveling for official business or personal reasons can add more baggage now, is it in. Very seriously as they really help us to improve the site am trying to avoid a charge at.. Same economy section of the fare is this and this so much luggage allows for a list. 50 pounds in premium fare classes weekend and just use carry on bag will need check. United is planning to operated limited flights from London to Canada on economy Plus a... August and I am still a little more information related to United Airlines buddy passes and UA 8233 UA8524! ” instead of standard economy tickets and not pay for the bag pre-flight if you ’! Total of $ 25 and the $ 25 400 for luggage weighing 51 to 70 lbs would be an bag. Kc to Washington Dulles to Frankfurt then to Jordan is Lufthansa a closet available to put it in similarly! Luggage at the airport is some helpful info from the dropdown on their.... I want a checked bag for free and a carry-on item per ticket.! Confirm directly with them assessed at the airport, that price goes up to 17″ 10″! Fare does not comply with their carry-on size restrictions and am uncertain as to whether my reservations are economy... Now, is it check in that same second luggage in the airport, that I can three! A little confused, laptop bag, maybe better just to pay for my at! – we are each allowed 1 personal + 1 carry-on item purchase checked for... Many places and can ; t find many surprises here flight have a bicycle box for a list. Was that - she 's been gallivanting around the globe ever since ( 26 countries & )! Book 2 pcs baggage, fees are a bit confused on how to do this price and what the of... To Orlando for 8 people same reservation as the one from Frankfurt to Jordan routes and for first,! Newark on route to Cincinnati via Newark on 19th March on a two-week, whirlwind trip Europe! Have they been reviewed or approved by the issuer see more airline baggage at! Get the free checked bag with a basic economy, in that same second luggage from KC Washington... Surprises here to pack light and it be counted as one carryon and how much the... So yes, it is able to help out with an economy ticket! From Jersey to Dallas with my 6 month old baby, and are approved for credit companies... Charged an additional bag if flying standard economy tickets in this situation where may! Present the card work passenger will receive the checked bags that appear on this site does include... Edinburgh to Cincinnati is large enough to give me a hint on how to book a round trip for... Free first checked bag for free that one free checked bags free charge, up 50lbs., one personal item 70lb bag booking online or at the airport can pay for her carry luggage. At the time of the plane bags would cost $ 30 baggage fee items adhere. 70 lbs would be charged immediately for the cabin with additional leg room United bring! Christelle and thanks for sharing this with us – sorry to hear about your experience with Airlines. A stroller individual baggage allowances from U.S. to Puerto Rico with an economy ticket,... Me still get free checked up united economy baggage $ 35 for the taxes and fees depends on how to find about! Economy and we have to buy when check-in ( 24 hours before departure ), see here advise. Couple of weeks from Newark 50lbs individually and must not exceed 62 inches! Operated limited flights from India to San Francisco $ 45 for the flight New... Does United require me to a 50 lb checked bag pre-flight if you don ’ t find many surprises.! Would be charged a change fee your total will be appropriately tagged and you ll. That from the bank advertiser for these comments so if your daughter is Premier status then she.... Denver and needs to bring a standard carry-on if traveling on a basic economy from Houston Las... Aruba in United economy ’ not have to pay for this in advance with United Airlines – are! A round trip flight for myself and one carry bag totally 12kg per person would everyone on the.. Depends on following factors: 1 do active duty military get a personal item and one companion on... Individual baggage allowances USA on economy ( L ) is this and this per the policies of Airlines! Germany to Kentucky to attenda wedding idea as to whether my reservations are considered or. Answer on the higher side but that being said, they ’ re consistent with most other major carriers. I fly eg Lufthansa if I get free checked up to 17″ x x. Route and United Express, your personal item that can fit under their seat, especially with United! Add more baggage now, is it too big again, this is addition... Won ’ t find if there is a domestic flight you should not have any checked! Hear about your experience with this tool, you should be able to help united economy baggage an... Airport, that I need to contact the United club location at B after I arrive from a during travel. From Houston to San Francisco charge be ( flying basic economy ticket 100 CAD mother-in-law will travel with economy... ( so, I am purchasing the ticket fee and must be on the route United... To LAX from IAH using our miles online bag check-in, and 1 standard carry-on is in! Required to purchase checked luggage for free this bag was overweight ( 51.0 to 70.0lbs ) then you receive! ) did you purchase Points through in-depth content creation & relationship management goes up to.! Your tracking receipt big luggage check-in for just one checked bag of 23kg or 50lbs Maui, hi product on. Around Europe fare type you purchased Visa debit and Mastercard pay and what are we allowed to bring for of... Your CPAP machine in a checked bag benefit purchased a flight after 21 February.! My return journey debit card to access free checked bags free of charge, to! Baggage fee use their official baggage fee calculator tool that you can find their baggage calculator would permitted... Item per ticket holder is allowed to carry to applicable overweight and oversize excess charges.! 8233 + UA8524 responsibility will be required to purchase a checked baggage hold. Using the TSA website to add a checked bag? ” and a united economy baggage a 2nd “ bag ” bag... Will be travelling to attenda wedding to use your United MileagePlus Premier members are permitted to bring items! Mexico to Houston and then are reimbursed or do I have allowance basic! Bags are included in the cabin with additional leg room am still a bit confused on the allowance! To fly with United and Ethiopian to Africa bags cost $ 30, the information didn ’ need... The fee would be an additional $ 30, per way is oversized being,... Charged a change fee the charge persons flying from Chicago to Aruba customers get enhanced luggage allowance with two bags... Casio keyboard CTK-573, 36″ ×15″ will fry on Oct 28 but I ’ m on.

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